the girl

with an attitude.




Lesson 3


“A girl should be two things – Classy & Fabulous.”

-Coco Chanel

do not

waste your life!

“I’d rather want everything and have nothing, than have everything and want nothing. Because at least when you want something, your life has a meaning, it’s worthwile. From the moment you think you have everything, you have to search for meaning in other things.”

-Vik Muniz, artist /from the documentary “Waste Land”, 2010/


the truth is beautiful.

“I don’t take photos to please people, I certainly don’t take photos to please the models, art directors/magazine editors. It’s not art, photography is an excuse to see women naked. Men have an endless fascination to see women they’ve never met before naked. It’s an obsession that wont go away.” – Mike Dowson

this is what happens when you read Bukowski.

N.B.! The following text is NOT based on a true story, neither are the characters (except crows and gulls).

wednesday. 2. p.m. early morning. at least for me. cause workin’ nights. i was  so up to deep sleep before that fuckin’  job again, with no fuckin’ salary for almost two god dammit months! who the hell am i workin’ for? at least get some food, though. anyway, if i had a gun, i would’ve killed most of my god dammit neighbours, and all the fuckin’ crows and gulls. screamin’ like there was someone killed round the corner. no sleep at all. no SHITTY sleep at all!! and some idiots on the third (or fourth) floor listening to some pop-shit, i fuckin’ hate! for Christ’s sake, if they were  doin’ such a shitty job as i am, they wouldn’t have played that shit so fuckin’ loud! okay, they would’ve, because they’re deeply fucked bastards, not giving a shit ’bout a thing. that’s what we call ‘tolerance’ nowadays.


those legs.



Lūk kādi labumi no lietoto grāmatu veikaliņa “Robert’s Books”, Dzirnavu ielā 51a, šodien paplašinās manu mājas bibliotēku.



“Success has got no taste or smell.

And when you get used to it, it’s like it didn’t exist.”

/All About My Mother. 1999 (directed by Pedro Almodovar)/